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Important Documents

NCC Covenants (1922 - 2020)

After acquiring the lands recommended by Todd and Holt/Brennan, a legal document referred to as the “Cowley Covenants” was signed on April 26, 1922 between the Ottawa Improvement Commission and the land owner, Robert H. Cowley.  Per the recommendation of Todd and Holt/Brennan, the goal was to ensure a strict adherence to the development and use of the land in perpetuity, however, the longest term available at the time for such an instrument was 99 years.  The goal of the covenants was to keep the driveway true to its original intention as part of a comprehensive parkway system and a gateway to the city, a key element in the City Beautiful movement.  Among other details, the covenants stipulated the following:

  • That land be sold for residential purposes only

  • That no building or portion of the building, fence or other erection shall be placed at a closer distance than 25’ from the line of the lot contiguous to the driveway

  • That all buildings be approved by the Grantee

  • That all buildings shall conform to buildings that have already been erected along other portions of the Driveway

  • That no business traffic be allowed on the Driveway


The covenants were similar to those enacted for Rockcliffe Park with required set-back from the street, minimum home value and quality construction.

The covenants can be viewed here: part 1, part 2, part 3.

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